make your own fairytale
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most underrated line in a Disney movie ever

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I LOVE THIS BEYOND WORDS!! #scottsdale #disneystore


I LOVE THIS BEYOND WORDS!! #scottsdale #disneystore

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Launching the boats on the Jungle Cruise

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I want to be shown off. I want somebody to be proud they call me theirs. I want to be introduced to new, exciting things. I want my tears kissed away when my heart is hurting. I want arms to hold me when I shake. I want someone to not judge me by my past, but help me grow and lift me up. I want somebody to be proud of all my accomplishments. I want somebody to love me like I deserve to be.

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"That someone as beautiful as she
Could love someone like me.”
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do you ever wonder how many people have had a crush on you and never told you

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